Our Services

Head Start Program

A pre-school program for low-income and/or children ages three to four with disabling conditions.Priority is given to families with the greatest need for educational transitioning into the public school setting.Programs are located in both Halifax and Mecklenburg Counties. 

Services provided through Head Start are: Nutrition, health, and dental services. Parent involvement and Social Services.Cultural Enrichment Activities. Parent training for self-sufficiency. Breakfast and Lunch provided.

Housing Services, we offer different programs to assist with improving homes.

WEATHERIZATION - Home insulation and air infiltration measures are designed to reduce heating costs and conserve energy.  

EMERGENCY HOME REPAIR - Home repairs are complete in order to address the health and safety needs of low income and elderly home-owners. 

INDOOR PLUMBING - New homes are constructed and others are rehabbed in order to meet building code regulations. Home must be without indoor plumbing. • Work performed by licensed contractors • Energy savings I Healthy home environment • Serves low to moderate income, homeowners, elderly, & handicapped applicants.  

Emergency & Financial Services

provide emergency food and shelter, homeless intervention, energy share, and a full-service financial institution.

VITA Income Tax Preparation 

Free Income Tax Preparation by VITA volunteers. Single/Married family income must be under $54,000 per year. • Filing Season is January - April • Hours: 9:00 A.M. - 4:30 P.M. Appointments Only – Call (434) 575-7916, ext. 223  


Community Cannery

  Community Cannery “If you can grow it, we can “CAN” it. Can vegetables, fruits, applesauce, soups, juice, stews, and meats. • Steamed food processing • All natural | local products • Promotes self-sufficiency through food processing Canning fees apply based on the number of cans processed. Call for Appointments  

Virginia Homeless Solutions Program

  (VHSP) is a state and federally-funded program funded by the State General Fund and the Federal Emergency Solutions Grant to support Continuum of Care strategies and homeless services and prevention programs that align with the following goals: • Reduce the number of individuals/households who become homeless. • Shorten the length of homelessness. • Reduce the number of individuals/households that return to homelessness • Serving Halifax, Mecklenburg, Charlotte, and Brunswick Counties  

Community Resources

Emergency Food and Shelter is a federally funded program that assists individuals/families with a one month amount of rental assistance or a one month amount of a delinquent electric bill if they qualify and the funds are available. 

Energy Share The Energy Share Program provides heating assistance in the winter and cooling assistance in the summer to individuals/families who qualify when funds are available.    

for the family

Head Start

  Head Start is designed to accommodate low income families with the inclusion of children with disabilities aged three to four years old. A priority is given to families with the greatest need. The following services are provided to our Head Start children and families in Halifax and Mecklenburg Counties. • Pre-school readiness • Nutrition, health, and dental services • Parent involvement and social services • Transportation as needed • Cultural enrichment • Parent Training for self sufficiency • Nutritious meals  

Healthy Families - Tri-County

  Healthy Families – Tri-County uses the official Healthy Families model to provide parents with the education, community resources and tangible support they need to help their families thrive. • Free and voluntary home visiting program designed to provide a research-based, long-term support system for the parents of children ages 0-5. • Supports parents through the use of evidence based curriculum, developmental screenings, and referrals for additional community services. • Affiliate of Healthy Families America and Healthy Families Virginia. Contact us for more information at (434) 572-2740.  

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Program

 921 Wilborn Avenue • South Boston, VA 24592 

Office: 434-572-1135 • Fax: 434-572-1134 24 Hour Hotline:434-572-1136 www.dovesva.com 

• Serving Charlotte, Halifax, Mecklenburg and Lunenburg Counties 

• Confidential 24-hour hotline • Emergency Shelter 

• Crisis Intervention and Supportive Services